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What makes us different…

We believe there is a significant difference between our methods and those of other homebuilders. What sets us apart? Below are our valued principles and just some of the many reasons our clients choose Minton Homes and why we are considered the finest homebuilder in the Saint Louis area.


All of us at Minton Homes are passionate about what we do. Every member of our team will treat your home as if it were their own. While this is an intangible quality, you will see it is apparent in our work.

Builders not developers

As developers are motivated by profits on what they develop, they look for the low costs and tend to work with cheap subcontractors and suppliers. They ask themselves, “If I do this, will the buyer reimburse me for it?”

As custom builders, we are motivated by doing things the right way with our clients and what’s best for them in mind. Our profit is not a function of using cheap subcontractors or by “cutting corners.”

Bidding strategy

We spend an incredible amount of time and engage in a thorough process when attaining the best possible bids and desired quality of service from our subcontractors and suppliers. Though this process is time consuming, we find it critical to capturing the best prices for our clients and ensure the bids we attain are comparable.

Our subcontractors and suppliers

Throughout our years of service, we have sought out and developed great relationships with the best possible subcontractors and suppliers who provide “A” quality work. We do not believe in hiring “B” or “C” level tradesmen in the hopes we can get them to provide “A” level quality.

Site supervision

We greatly value the need for good site supervision and see it as a critical element in delivering an exceptional home. It aids in communication, organization, problem prevention and overall efficiency.

Meticulous management

When building a client’s home, they can rely on us to be able to effectively navigate through the thousands of details and be confident in our process. From start to finish, we understand the importance of organization and communication with our clients, and demand the same level of service from our subcontractors and suppliers. We have an unparalleled platform for partnering with our clients and subcontractors, which enables us to achieve our mission.

Service, service, service

Our mission is to provide each of our clients with an exciting/enjoyable homebuilding experience, and strive to exceed their expectations. A pleased and happy client is what drives us.

We have never spent money on advertising and believe our best marketing tool is within our current and previous clients. To listen to what they have to say, please visit the Clients tab.

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